Chinese Medicine

Is a complete system of medicine which can understand and treat all forms of ill health and has been used for centuries. Whether internal or external, physical or emotional, the aim is to diagnose and treat the cause, and thereby relieve the symptoms. Chinese Medicine has two main components: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.


Is a system of medicine that has been used to diagnose, treat and prevent illness for thousands of years. Whilst treating both physical and emotional problems, it can touch the spirit of the person and enrich the quality of life.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Is an integral part of traditional Chinese Medicine. The healing properties of plants have been used for centuries. A qualified practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine will have completed a detailed study of approximately 200-300 herbs. This study would include the taste, property, main actions and usage, dosage, contra-indications and preparation in prescription formula. Herbs are now available in a number of formulas, the traditional method of boiling, and the modern form of pills and powder.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The initial diagnosis and first treatment for acupuncture and herbal medicine lasts three quarters of an hour and takes into account medical history, lifestyle, symptoms, blood pressure and diet. In addition, the pulses are also checked.

There are six on each wrist and they relate to conditions of the internal organs. The tongue is also checked. The condition of the tongue, overall colour and coating, can be used to make a diagnosis.

Subsequent treatments with acupuncture take half an hour. Herbal medicine – the prescription is made up to last for two weeks – sometimes a prescription can be made to last longer and the cost altered accordingly.

Your questions answered


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you would like further information about any of the treatments we offer or the conditions we can help with then please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you.

By placing very fine needles in specific acupuncture points along the meridians of the body, acupuncture restores the balance of Qi energy which flows in the meridians.

Illness occurs when Qi becomes deficient, blocked or stagnant. Each meridian is associated with a different part of the body or bodily function.

The number of treatments required will depend on the severity of the condition and how long the person has had the condition.

You do not need a doctor’s referral to consult us. More and more doctors however, do refer patients to the TS Clinic.

If you have been seeing your doctor, you may wish to tell him or her that you are coming to us for treatment. We prefer that you do.

We do issue an incapacity certificate which will be treated by the Department of Social Security in the same way as a GP’s certificate.

The TS Clinic is recognised by many medical insurance companies including AXA, PPP, Simply Health and many others. Patients are kindly requested to check the conditions of their health insurance policy, as the TS Clinic cannot be held responsible for any non-payment claims.