Diabetic Retreat for customers in Bromley, Kent and East Sussex

Alternative Treatment for Diabetics

The TS Clinic operates one of only two diabetic retreats in the UK, designed to provide safe, effective treatment for diabetics who are looking for alternatives to Western medicine.

Our diabetes treatment incorporates a range of traditional Chinese herbal medicines, acupuncture and diet and lifestyle changes designed to reverse your diabetes, and build up your resistance to disease, strengthen your immunity and promote your metabolism.

Terry Simou has already helped to treat patients with high blood sugar levels and reduce them so it's very possible that we can help you too.

Diabetic Retreat

Our diabetes retreat takes place over four days in our beautiful East Sussex retreat. In healthy, natural surroundings, you will receive a full diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine to determine your overall health. Over the coming days, you will then receive the following treatment:

  • Before and after blood tests with a full report
  • Morning and lunch nutrition
  • Educational talks
  • Exercise classes
  • Nature walks

We will also provide traditional therapies, such as herbal medicine and acupuncture to help lower your blood sugar and promote a more healthy, active lifestyle.

Book Your Place

Our diabetic retreats are becoming ever more popular with patients throughout Kent, so make sure you book your place to avoid missing out. Simply call The TS Clinic now on 0208 313 1577 and ask us for more information on our diabetic retreats. We'll be happy to confirm your place as soon as possible.


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