Food Intolerance Testing & Allergy Tests

Identify and Treat Your Food Intolerances with The TS Clinic

Food intolerance can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms. Anxiety, headaches, IBS and depression can all be a result of intolerances, along with a host of other ailments which can impact on your quality of life.

The first step to handling food allergies is identifying just what you’re intolerant too, and that’s what The Terry Simou Clinic’s food intolerance testing service does.

Food Intolerance Testing

At The TS Clinic, we begin by discovering the root cause of your symptoms – your specific intolerances. They can be caused by enzyme deficiencies, chemical sensitivity, or even immune responses – all of which can be detected by a quick test.

We’ll carry out a food IgG test by collecting a small sample of your blood with a finger-prick test. Your blood is then tested with our immunoassay microarray technology to reveal any food-specific antibodies. Your results will be available the next working day, at which point we’ll design a unique treatment program for you.

Food Intolerance Treatment

Drawing upon years of experience, Mr. Simou’s studies at the College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, and a thousand-year tradition of herbal medicine, we’ll put together a treatment plan which makes use of herbal medicines, acupuncture, and a range of other medicines to reduce and eliminate your symptoms.

This treatment plan will be unique to your needs, intolerances and conditions, and will be designed to improve your quality of life. So don’t suffer from food intolerance. Treat your intolerance with The TS Clinic by calling 0208 313 1577 and asking for a consultation.

Allergy Testing from The Terry Simou Clinic

Identify and Treat Allergies

Allergies are reactions produced by your body’s immune system that can lead to irritating, uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous reactions. Allergies can be triggered by a wide range of substances, leading to a range of skin, stomach and chest complaints.

But with the TS Clinic, you won’t need to suffer in silence.

Simply get in touch, and let our experts test for and treat your allergies, leading to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Testing for Allergies

We use a range of testing methods, including a finger-prick blood test to determine what allergies you have, and how severe they are. By analysing your samples with a range of state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll be able to pinpoint the specific antibodies triggered by different allergens – building a profile of just what is causing your symptoms.
Then, when we know what your problem is, we move on to treatment.

Allergy Treatment

The Terry Simou Clinic will use a range of traditional and holistic medicines and treatments to help control your allergies. We’ll make use of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and a range of other ancient treatments to help restore you to full health, leaving you feeling refreshed and symptom free.

For more information on allergy testing and treatment, or any of the treatments The TS Clinic provides, please get in touch on 0208 313 1577, now.

We have successfully identified and treated food intolerances for:

Tree nuts

and many more.